Natty Greene’s Freedom American IPA

Natty Greene's Freedom IPA bottle

Oh hai, LIBA Nation, remember me? I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a review, but I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff that kept me from posting. But while I may not have been writing up any beers, I’ve certainly been drinking (much more than) my fair share.

Today, I’m reviewing a brew I picked up from the store several weeks ago with the intention of reviewing, and it’s been sitting patiently in my fridge ever since. I haven’t had much success with beers from the South, so when I saw several varieties from North Carolina’s Natty Greene’s Brewery, I decided to give it another shot.

Natty Greene's Freedom IPA glass and bottle

I’m a sucker for IPAs, so of course I tried the Freedom American IPA, and I was pleasantly surprised. This brew pours out a cloudy dark straw-yellow, with a decent bit of carbonation and the tiniest foam crown. The aroma isn’t overly hoppy, with more of a distinct honey undertone and some piney notes on top.

Tastewise, this is a really enjoyable and approachable IPA. Unlike the aroma, this brew’s taste is dominated by a balanced hoppiness, but it’s neither bitter nor overbearing. I didn’t get any honey at all, but the piney hops blend nicely into sweet malted end note. There’s definitely a good deal of mouthfeel with this beer, but again, it’s not overbearing.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable brew, and definitely redeems Southern breweries for me.

Author: Silvio

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