Ridgeway Santa’s Butt

Ridgeway Sant's Butt

Merry Christmas eve-eve all! I am just returning from a two day trip to Vermont to celebrate and early Christmas with my family. It was a great time where I got to spend quality time with Mom, step-dad, brother and niece. The highlight was probably watching my mother open up the gift I got her: a custom-built wall-mount jewelery cabinet. For every birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day for the last 25ish years my brother and I have got my mother earrings as a gift. She loves them. This winter I decided that it was time for a proper holding pen for the years of gifts. Mom was clearly excited about the gift and it made my day/week/holiday season.

Mom’s gift for me was…beer. Big surprise huh? I received a mix of brews from Vermont breweries and then a few from Ridgeway. Tonight’s beverage is Ridgeway Santa’s Butt.

First impression: Great name and great label.
Second impression: For an American Porter, it has a light color. From looking at the pour, it’s clear that the beer will be light.
Third impression: Light in indeed! Totally balanced. There isn’t very much roasted bitter flavor, and it’s not overly sweet either. Caramel, caramel, caramel.

Final impression: A perfect beer to wind down with after a 4 hour drive home earlier this evening. Light, refreshing and tasty!


Author: Joshua Dion

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