Shipyard Mint Chocolate Stout

Shipyard Mint Chocolate Stout

This week is flying by. Heck, this whole month is flying by. Much of it has to do with how much is going on at work, but we also have a lot going on during the evenings and weekends too. Last night we went out for our weekly trivia night with friends Kevin and Emily. Tomorrow night is poker night at our place. Saturday we have Christmas at Melissa’s parent’s house. Sunday we drive to Vermont for 2 days of Christmas festivities. It’s all good though. I love being busy.

Tonight I’m taking a pause to watch some Game of Thrones, clean house, perhaps watch some Bruins and call my mom (long overdue). Before all of that, I’m throwing back a bottle of Shipyard Mint Chocolate Stout. Seeing as this is a 9% ABV imperial stout, I REALLY should be drinking this after dinner.

The beer pours a typical stouty-black. A slightly aggressive pour resulted in the perfect head. With a quick nibble of foam I get a mouth full of peppermint…this isn’t going to be a subtle brew. Flavor-wise, initially I get mostly roasted malt. As the beer warms more, and more, and more mint comes through. After about 30 minutes of being out of the fridge, the mint flavor is approaching oppressive.

In short, if I was drinking a nice 10-ounce serving of this next to the fireplace, it would be perfect. Drinking this 750ml by myself while watching hockey…not happening.

This was literally my last review beer on hand, so I’m off to Julio’s tomorrow to reload.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.