Woodchuck Dry Hop

Woodchuck Dry Hop

I don’t know why I purchased Woodchuck’s Cellar Series Dry Hop since I HATE hops. In fact it’s the main reason I don’t like beer. But, I guess I’ll try anything once.

It is a very pale yellow in color with light carbonation. It has a sweet scent. This doesn’t taste like any other cider I’ve had. Even though I was expecting them, the hops surprised me and I made a horrible face that made Josh laugh. I’m glad I still amuse him after 10 years of marriage. After the initial shock of the first sip, it’s really not so bad. I still plan on finishing the bottle (all 22 ounces), which is more than I could say for any beer. Having said that, I definitely don’t see myself buying this cider again.

Josh just tried a sip and didn’t think it was hoppy at all. Go figure.


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