Anderson Valley Winter Solstice

Anderson Valley Winter Solstice can

This may sound like a weird admission, but I love doing chores around the house. Seriously, Saturdays are great: changing the sheets, doing laundry, taking out the recycling, running errands – so of course, today has been AWESOME so far.

That said, I love the NFL and today’s playoff games are just now kicking off, which means an even better night! I’m watching the first game at home before heading out to watch the late game. I’m sure Josh is going to be on pins and needles for his boys the Patriots to win, but I’m not a fan of any of the playoff teams, so I’m just hoping for great football.

Now there’s one thing that I like even more than chores and playoff football – great winter seasonal beers – which brings me to today’s review beer. I picked up a sixer of Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice seasonal ale, and after last week’s disappointing review, I’m hoping for a serious rebound beer.

Anderson Valley Winter Solstice glass and can

Winter Solstice pours out dark and amber, with a creamy foam crown, almost like a root beer. The aroma combines sweet malts with hints of caramel, pretty much perfect for a winter warmer.

While I liked the aroma, I definitely loved the flavor. It’s crisp and dominated by the sweet malts, which hang around from the start to the finish, punctuated by great accentuating flavors. I tasted indistinct stone fruits on the front, some spices through the middle (nutmeg, maybe?), and almost an apple cider end note.

This brew has a nice mouthfeel – while it sticks around for a while, it’s not overwhelming or too thick. I like this beer a lot, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes winter seasonals.

Author: Silvio

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