Boston Beer Samuel Adams Cold Snap

Sam Adams Cold Snap bottle

Depending on where you’re sitting right now, it’s really effing cold outside! I mean, we’re talking multiple layers, beard-freezing weather here in D.C. Even though winters have definitely been getting warmer overall every year, there’s no doubting this cold snap is brutal.

So, this week’s review was kind of settled on the spot when I came across Sam Adams’ newest seasonal brew, Cold Snap. It’s billed as a somewhat spicy white ale that’s supposed to offer a sign of spring just around the corner, as the snow starts to melt. Maybe wishful thinking for the end of January, but I’ll take whatever I can get these days.

Sam Adams Cold Snap bottle and glass

The brew pours our a hazy, straw-colored yellow with just a wisp of white foam crown that sticks around for some excellent lacing as it’s drunk down. The aroma is excellent, dominated by orange peel and just a hint of spicy coriander.

Tastewise, it’s so balanced you really have to take multiple sips to get all the flavors. Cold Snap starts out with a blend of peppery notes and the aroma’s coriander spiciness, before the sweet orange peel takes over through the middle, giving way to a mix of stone fruit and wheat on the end note.

This is an excellent brew, another great seasonal from Sam. I’ve seen it on tap around town, but it’s just as good in bottles. Definitely recommend checking it out before the seasonal switches over to spring brews!

Author: Silvio

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