Finch’s Secret Stache Stout

Finch's Secret Stache Stout

Happy New Year! Last evening we had a great time hanging out with friends and seeing 2013 out the door. I have to admit, 2013 was an awesome year. I can only hope 2014 will be as great.

Today I’m enjoying the day off work by watching some movies, starting the groundwork for 2013 taxes and playing Candy Crush (my new obsession). As we move into the evening, I figured I should review a couple of beers. First up is this can of Finch’s Secret Stache Stout. Finch’s Beer Co. is out of Chicago Illinois. While I’ve mainly focused on New England based breweries, I was drawn to this beer by the look of the can.

I initially tried to drink this out of the can, but quickly found that I wasn’t getting much for flavor & aroma. I vigorously poured the can into my glass, which surprisingly resulted in no head whatsoever; Secret Stache has a motor-oil-like appearance.

The Stache is a decent stout. Although claiming to be brewed with vanilla, I only pick up a slight taste of it. The beer is quite mild, with little bitterness whatsoever. At 5.3% ABV, it’s a sessionable stout. While balanced, light and drinkable, it gives up a lot in the flavor department. Thus, if you’re looking for a stout that’s dark and robust, you would be barking up the wrong tree with the Stache. Luckily, I had no expectations, so I’m enjoying it for what it is!


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.