Foolproof Revery

Today I spent 6 hours under the needle…the tattooing needle that is. Check out the video for the results thus far. After the tattoo Melissa and I went down a few doors from my tattoo shop to the Cricket-themed sports bar Hit Wicket. Given the number of taps, they had a very good beer selection (see below). It was obvious that they were pandering to cricket fans, as the beer selection included brews from New Zealand (Moa), India (Kingfisher) and Belgium (Estaminet), among others. I tried the Estaminet (a pils) and liked it, but given where my head was at, I had no intentions of reviewing it.

Our bartender was April, and we talked her up about my tattoo, travel-talk and craft beer; she had just returned from a west-coast trip where she visited Lagunitas brewery. The chatter was a great distraction to get my mind off my throbbing arm. We will definitely return to Hit Wicket next month when I go to get my tattoo completed.


Now, onto the beer for tonight, Foolproof Revery. This is a 10.7% ABV Russian Imperial Stout, and it pours as I might expect: tons of frothy, delicious looking head. I didn’t realize this was such a boozy beer when I opened it, however I could use a good buzz, so down the hatch we go!

I bet this beer would age well, and perhaps I shouldn’t be drinking it at such a “young” age, but whatevs. It’s absolutely chalk-full of roasted malts…as in, I taste nothing else. It’s robust and full bodied. There is very little pure sweetness, which shocks me given the ABV. For the style, I almost feel like it should be sweeter. Note that I even let the bottle warm up for about 10 minutes before I cracked it open…a process that will (generally speaking) sweeten up a beer like this.

I’m not a huge fan, but on the other hand, I don’t dislike it. I’m going to soldier through and drink the rest of this bad boy before I head off to bed.


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Author: Joshua Dion

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