Joseph’s Brau Winter Brew

Joseph's Brau Winter Brew

Tonight I’m off to weekly trivia with friends. Before I go, I’m reviewing this bottle of Joseph’s Brau Winter Brew, from Trader Joe’s Brewing. Before I get to the beer review, I’d like to point out the background of the above image: Candy Crush. I’m fairly certain that the devil himself invented this game. The amount of time I have blown on this addiction is approaching ridiculous. Who else out there has fallen into the Candy Crushing trap?

The Winter Brew is a dopple bock, or double bock. It’s ABV is 7.5%. The beer poured with a good head…a head that spilled out onto the table, as I aggressively poured whilst not even looking at the glass. Hazards of the beer blogger.

For flavors, I’m hit with an immediate dark fruit flavor which reminds me of raisins. The brew has a thick backbone of malty flavors including caramel and a touch of nuts. (heh, I said “touch of nuts”). Although a bit heavy in body, it goes down smooth. Good stuff!


P.S. Please think of me tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and evening. I’m going back for my second round on my tattoo…a 6-7 hour session under the needle!

Joseph's Brau Winter Brew

Author: Joshua Dion

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