Maine Beer Lil One

Maine Beer Lil One

Yo, yo yo! What’s shak’n LIBA nation? I just got through with an incredibly busy, but very rewarding week of work. The days and weeks and even months are flying by. I can’t believe I’ve been at my new company for almost four months! We have a relatively low-key weekend planned and I’m fired up to get things kicked off.

I’m starting the weekend with a bottle of Maine Beer Lil One. This 9.1% ABV brew is a American Strong Ale and is Maine Beer Company’s winter seasonal. First thing’s first, I have to give a standing ovation (picture me standing in my own living room, giving a rousing applause) to the gents at Maine Beer for the freshness info on the label. In case you missed it, I have been quite vocal on this topic since 2012. ALL BREWERIES SHOULD BE DOING THIS. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Back to the beer, caramel malts mix with ample earthy and piney hops to give it a strong aroma and flavor. It reminds me of a decently balanced imperial IPA. The alcohol content doesn’t appear obvious on the palette. That is, it doesn’t taste boozy, nor overly sweet. It’s not my favorite beer from the brewery (Lunch and Mo are tied for that honor), but it’s also not a bad beer.

Have a great weekend. Cheers! Huzzah!


Maine Beer Lil One

Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Maine Beer Lil One”

  1. I love having a date on the bottle. But what does “born on” mean? Is it the brew date? The bottled on date? I wish they’d just use language that means something. It’s better than nothing, but they need to be clearer.

    I also have an issue with a “best by” date that’s arbitrarily chosen by the brewer… especially if the brewer uses a different length of time for different beers (Victory does or used to do it… their big beers had a 5 year best by period, while everything else was like 6 months). Let the people decide how long a beer is good for and give us the date it was bottled without having to decipher anything (like Anchor’s codes).

    I also need to try more Maine Beer beers.

    1. Jim:

      Thanks for chiming in. Glad to hear another person shares some of my views. I do disagree with your comment about best-by, as it leaves a ton of ambiguity for the consumer, leaving the onus on the Joe-beer-drinker to know “how long a beer is good for”.

      For me, the perfect solution would be a bottled on date, as well as a best drank by date (or an estimation on number of months that it’s “good” for). Take the stress off me, the consumer, to over think my purchase!


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