Port City Maniacal Double IPA

Port City Maniacal DIPA

Oh snap, I’m keeping my New Year’s resolution to blog every week by sneaking this one in with an hour to spare! This review is going to be quick, since I already returned home this evening after a few beers at the excellent Meridian Pint bar in D.C. If you live nearby and haven’t been, it’s amazing – huge selection of craft beers on tap, plus several booths with their own taps that charge you by the pints you pour. Mind, blown.

Anyway, I’m not here to review Meridian Pint, although that’s probably going to go on the “ought to write up” list. I’m going back to the well to let LIBA know about one of Port City Brewery’s new(ish) brews, Maniacal Double IPA. I’ve enjoyed many, many growlers of this over the past few months, but for some reason have never reviewed it. And that’s a shame, because this is an extraordinary beer.

If you’re new to my reviews, Port City Brewing Company is a local brewery based in Alexandria, Virginia just a few miles from D.C. They have an awesome tasting room and their brewery tours are lots of fun. I decided to stop by on a whim Friday night, and they were giving out free branded Pint Glasses because it was their founder’s birthday – classy act, right?

Port City Maniacal DIPA glass

Anyway, I picked up a growler of my old standby, their Monumental IPA, and a growler of my new favorite, Maniacal Double IPA. This is a tasty beer, complex in aroma and flavor, and it packs a punch. It pours out a slightly cloudy golden orange color, with a resilient light white foam crown. The aroma is a blend of stanky hops and sweet malts with a touch of fruit.

Tastewise, this is like chewing a mouthful of hops and washing them down with malted goodness. It starts out with several hoppy notes, I get a mix of pine and citrus up front, with a nice transition into sweet caramel malts through the middle before a crisp bitter end note.

Port City Maniacal DIPA growler

I’m a Port City devotee, as evidenced by the stickers on my growlers, but kudos to their brewers for yet another excellent and unique brew. The secret to the sauce, as indicated on their website, is the trademarked Port City Hopzooka, an invention that uses carbon dioxide to force hops into their fermenter without exposing them to outside oxygen. Two words – fire away.

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