Boston Beer Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL

Sam Adams Double Agent IPL bottle and glass

Looking through the LIBA beer review catalog is an interesting task. On one hand, it’s testament to all the beers Josh and all of us guest reviewers (to a lesser degree) have written up over the years. But on another hand, it’s an excellent way to see who’s the boss when it comes to craft beer – and from my perspective, Samuel Adams crushes craft beer LIKE A BOSS.

That realization dawned on me today when I was at the store picking out a review beer and checked to see what had already been reviewed. My first two choices were already listed, but lo and behold, I came across an as-yet-unreviewed Sam. Considering the epic list of Boston Brewing company beers in the catalogue, it’s evidence of how often Sam comes out with a new beer.

Anyway, this week I’m reviewing the Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL. It’s an interesting mix of big West Coast hops and a standard lager, and is part of their Hopology Collection. And it’s GOOOOOD. I’m biased as a hops guy, but seriously, kudos to these guys once again.

Sam Adams Double Agent IPL bottle and glass

The beer pours out a crystal clear dark copper color, with lots of tiny bubbles floating up to the top in a constant stream but no lacing and just the smallest foam crown. For such a hoppy beer, the aroma is surprisingly sweet and reminds me of a roasted malt-dominated brew.

But this beer really shines on the taste. It starts out with a big hops punch in the mouth, mixing grapefruit and piney hops in a crisp first sip before turning to a dry and citrusy fruit middle. Through the end, it reverts to the stereotypical lager sweetness, but all blends together smoothly. Maybe best of all, this brew only weighs in at 5% ABV, in spite of the huge hops.

Another great Boston Brewery beer. I definitely recommend giving it a try.


Author: Silvio

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