Boston Beer Samuel Adams Rebel IPA


This past weekend I finally figured out what to do with the bottle caps I’ve been collecting. Recently, Julio’s Liquors has been selling Knob Creek Bourbon 750ml bottles that come with a shadow-box type of deal. Rather than throwing this out when the bourbon was finished, I decided to throw my bottle caps in them. I have two that are full, with the front and back plexiglass displaying as many of the caps I could manage. Longer term, when we own a home, I’d like to put the caps on the wall, or perhaps in a custom bar-top. For now, these boxes will have to suffice!

Tonight I’m headed off to a church event, but before I do I’m trying out this Boston Beer Samuel Adams Rebel IPA (6.5% ABV). This is a west coast American IPA that I fully expect to be utterly hoppy and bitter (that’s just the way west coast IPAs are). And despite a slight cold that’s coming on, I can tell my assumptions are completely correct. Pine flavors dominate up front, through the middle, and for a long time in the aftertaste. I love me some hops, but this is downright brutal. Too much for me, but if you’re one of those people who can’t get enough hops, this beer is perfect for you.


Boston Beer Samuel Adams Rebel IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

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