Boston Beer Works Love Fest

Boston Beer Works Love Fest

Another weekend has come and gone. Here in Massachusetts it was a snowy one…again. Although I was fighting a head cold all weekend and our Saturday night plans were ruined thanks to Mother Nature, it could have been worse and I’m not complaining. It was sorta-kinda a three-day weekend, as Friday I took the day off to help Melissa run an Ecolissa booth at a local fair. Sadly, although Monday is a holiday, I do not have the day off.

On Friday, Valentine’s Day, I intended to review this bottle of Boston Beer Works Love Fest. Somehow I got sidetracked and completely forgot to do it. The beer is a 6.5% ABV milk stout, although I didn’t think it was as sweet as many milk stouts. Instead, it had a distinct bite that came from the roasted malts. At first taste, I was surprised at how much it tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry. The roasted flavors come in quickly and smash everything else to bits. Luckily, I was smart and decided to let the brew warm up. After about ten minutes, more sweetness came through and it turned out to be a delicious, and surprisingly drinkable treat!


Author: Joshua Dion

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