Cisco Winter Shredder

Julio's beer run - part 1
Julio’s beer run – part 1

Happy Friday everyone. Another week down. Today was a fantastic day for me. First off, I made an epic run to Julio’s, bringing back a slew of new beers. At every turn and on every shelf I was finding beers I have been wanting to try. Have you tried these? Which of them is your favorite?

Julio's beer run - part 2
Julio’s beer run – part 2

In other awesome news, I just landed a position as a columnist for Craft Beer Magazine. I will featured for the first time in their next issue! First the blog, then Yankee Brew News, now this. Before long, I’m going to have to own up to being a “real” writer. But not tonight…

Tonight I’m spending time with the wife, watching movies, upgrading my PS3 hard drive and drinking this bottle of Cisco Winter Shredder. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, as all the label says is “ale brewed with natural spices”. Note: I’m glad it’s not brewed with unnatural spices.

The Shredder pours a dark amber color with an average amount of head. At first sip I was caught off guard, as I was expecting spices, but instead got a ton of earthy hops. At first I’m intrigued, but after a few sips I’m overwhelmed by how unbalanced the brew is. Reading other reviews, it seems like I should be getting a thick malty sweet backbone with spice, but I get none of that. Not a fan.

Side note – This beer is categorized as a “braggot” by style, an ale brewed with honey that is almost a mead-beer hybrid. This is my first every braggot. I’m hoping it will be my last.


Cisco Winter Shredder

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