Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL

I'm the bunny on the left!
I’m the bunny on the left!

Another weekend has come and gone. Although today has been uneventful, yesterday was quite busy. The day started off with Melissa and I participating in our first ever protest, a demonstration against the sale of angora fur at Macys. Angora comes from rabbits. We were a little nervous, but all of my worries disappeared when I realized I was going to get to dress up as a bunny for 90 minutes! I had a fantastic time spreading the good word and I received tons of hugs, high fives, waves from kiddos and even posed for a bunch of pictures.

On my last Julio’s beer run I decided to pick up some new Samuel Adams beers. It’s been quite some time since I reviewed anything from Boston Beer and I figured it was time to get back to it. A bottle of Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL is keeping me company tonight, while I kill time waiting for the second half-season of Walking Dead to get started tonight.

The IPL is a solid brew, with a very thick malty backbone, followed up by citrus hops. As far as IPAs/IPLs go, this is relatively mild. That’s not to say it isn’t hoppy (it is), but the significant caramel malt is the main player. It reminds me of a British IPA, which would tend to be more mild than its American counterpart.

It wouldn’t be a beer I’d buy again, as if I’m going for an IPA/IPL I want more hops. Nevertheless, it’s still a good brew and I’m going to enjoy finishing it off.


Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL

Author: Joshua Dion

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