The Tap Vanilla Norton

The Tap Vanilla Norton

Sup LIBA homies? I have two huge news items to share with you tonight:

  1. Our next LIBA meetup is on. Lock in your calendars for Sunday March 23rd. I’m still finalizing location details, so stay tuned.
  2. Lead Contributor and LIBA legend, Silvio will be in attendance!

Silvio will be joining me that weekend for a beer-venture, including Extreme Beer Fest and culminating in this meetup. We are shorter on planning time than usual, so when the invite goes out please help me market the event!

Tonight I’m celebrating this fantastic news with a bottle of The Tap Vanilla Norton. This is a variation on Joshua Norton, which I reviewed a long ass time ago. I liked Joshua Norton, and I love Vanilla Norton. It brings to the table serious roasted malts, a heavy dose of coffee and a strong finish of vanilla. Super delicious, but watch out…the 9.1% ABV will kick your ass!


The Tap Vanilla Norton

Author: Joshua Dion

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