Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer

Lazy Sunday!
Lazy Sunday!

This weekend has been epically lazy. On Saturday, Melissa was gone all afternoon and evening, leaving me to do whatever I pleased. What did I please? I went out, bought a video game (Gran Turismo 5), and proceeded to play for about 9 hours. I also got up early this morning to make sure I got in another 4 solid hours. And besides getting out to run for the first time since October, I did virtually nothing productive…and loved every minute of it.

Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer

Now we’re killing time before the Super Bowl by watching the Kitten Bowl and the Puppy Bowl. I must say, the rules in these games are loose, at best.

While we watch the pups romp, I’m cracking open a bottle of Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer. I picked this up at Julio’s the other day because it looked so unique: Kombucha? Bourbon? Wild yeast?

Out of the gate, I already know I’m in trouble; taking a whiff I smell straight vinegar. After a couple of sips, I can’t go on. I’ve never had Kombucha, and I’m probably not going to start. My wife, on the other hand, took the glass out of my hands and is drinking the whole thing!!!! This is literally a first!

She says: “it tastes like kombucha with light beer aftertaste. I get the peach flavor, but none of the bourbon.” Surprised at the 7% ABV, she also said “I can’t taste the alcohol at all!”

Long story short, even if you don’t like beer, if you like Kombucha you might like this brew. Also note that the beer is labeled as gluten Free and vegan, giving those with a wheat allergy an interesting option.


Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer

Author: Joshua Dion

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