Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow

Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow

If you’re from New England, I’m sure you’re as tired of this cold and miserable winter as I am. The cold just won’t end, and neither will the snow. It’s now March 10th and it’s still in the 20s and 30s most days. Later this week we’re in for another snow storm. This past weekend we ran our first 5k of the year. It was in the low 30s. Horseshit. I ran like total crap because I have taken most of the winter off of running. I blame the weather for everything.

Tonight’s beer review is Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow. The Wheelbarrow is an American Red/Amber @ 7% ABV. It’s been a while since I reviewed a red, so it was good to get back to one. It started off with far more earthy hops than I ever expected. I mistakenly was expecting a balanced, caramel-malt heavy kind of play. As the beer warmed a bit, caramel and some grainy flavors did start coming through. That said, the beer leans heavily over to the hoppy side and makes for a red ale that a hophead would probably enjoy.


Author: Joshua Dion

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