New Belgium Spring Blonde

New Belgium Spring Blonde

Today has been a beautiful, Spring-like day here in our nation’s capital, and just about everyone was out and about, including me. I took too long enjoying the weather and am now running out of time before I meet some friends for a movie – so this review will be short and sweet.

I’m reviewing New Belgium’s Spring Blonde. it’s a Belgian-style pale ale and it pours out a crystal-clear and golden light yellow. There’s pretty much no foam, nor bubbles floating up to the top. I get a lot of lemon and wheat from the aroma and maybe just a hint of spiciness in back.

Tastewise, this is a little flat for me. I expected a much more distinct lemon flavor, based on the smell, although it makes an appearance toward the end. Spring Blonde has a lot of wheat throughout the taste, but it’s a bit soapy and I don’t pick up any spice. The end note sticks around for a while, and that’s not necessarily a good thing to pair with a thick mouthfeel, which this beer also has.

Overall, I’m going to give this a strong meh. If you’re really into blonde ales or wheaty beers, I’d recommend trying Spring Blonde. If not, maybe pass on it for something better.

Also, don’t forget just two weeks until the LIBA Spring 2014 craft beer meetup¬†on¬†Sunday, March 23 from 12:00-4:00 p.m. in downtown Bahhsstun. I’m thinking this will be the best one yet, and hope to meet as many LIBA readers as possible!

Author: Silvio

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