NoDa Hop Drop and Roll

NODA Hop Drop and Roll
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Tonight we have a guest review for the first time in a while. My friend Ken has been a fan of the blog since way back in 2009 when it started. At one point, I think he may have even had it as his home page! I’m super stoked to have him aboard and hope to see more of his reviews…

My name is Ken and not only am I a long time friend of Lost’s, I’m also a long time LIBA reader. Like Lost, I sometimes have to travel to North Carolina for work. North Carolina brews some fantastic beer. Here is one I tried tonight.

I got this as a 16oz can at the restaurant I visited. It pours a hazy yellow/orange color with fluffy white head. The aroma gives off plenty of citrus hops. You get the malty flavor but it isn’t as strong as expected. I’d seek this beer out on a day spring day where people are playing cornhole, etc. Nice malt backbone and very drinkable. Seek it out if you can.


Author: Joshua Dion

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