Jack’s Abby Baby Maker

Jack's Abby Baby Maker

Happy Friday peeps. Man, that week went by crazy fast! Work was busy and I got a ton done. It all felt really rewarding, especially today. To settle into the weekend I’m drinking a bottle of Jack’s Abby Baby Maker.

This beer is throwing all kinds of curveballs at me. First off, I didn’t read the label and assumed I was getting into a standard barley-wine type of experience. WRONG! At first sip, I was nailed with a ton of bourbon and vanilla, giving me the beer reviewing equivalent of a triple-take with added whiplash. Retreating to read the bottle, it all comes together – Baby Maker is aged for 9-months in barrels used for Framinghammer.

I love most of what Jack’s Abby does, but frankly came into this beer with low expectations. Foolish. This beer is another home run from a brewery that’s rapidly outpacing the competition in Massachusetts. Buy Jack’s Abby…you won’t go wrong.

What’s most cool about the beer is that the vanilla, bourbon and dark fruit (for me) are incredible clear and unmistakable, while at the same time blend together well. Adding to the magic, it’s 14% ABV and doesn’t taste boozy. Fucking gold.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.