Offshore Ale The Lazy Frog

Offshore Ale - The Lazy Frog

It’s been a good weekend. An all too short weekend, but a good one nonetheless. On Saturday I helped my wife run the Ecolissa booth at Framingham earth day. In the evening we hung out with friends Greg and Heather for some Bruins and board games. The Bruins won, advancing to the next round of the playoffs. And despite my dog knocking over (and smashing) two bottles of Greg’s beer, we still had a great time playing Jenga and Bananagrams

While watching the Bs, I had the opportunity to try Offshore Ale The Lazy Frog. The beer is a 7% ABV American IPA. It’s an average beer and registered as a solid “meh”. I picked up a bunch of different hop flavors: citrus, floral and a touch of pine. I found it unbalanced, with the hops being sharp and astringent. I wouldn’t buy it again.

The name of the beer “The Lazy Frog” refers to the shape of Martha’s Vineyard, where the brewery is located. True story: I own a shirt that has the lazy frog on it.


Author: Joshua Dion

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