Pretty Things Grampus Hoppy Golden Double Mash


Today I spent the day hocking lady’s accessories at Worcester Veg Fest. I was, of course, helping to man the Ecolissa table. It was a good day and we met a ton of people and made a lot of sales. We also stuffed ourselves stupid with vegan food as far as the eye could see. I had a chocolate-covered chocolate doughnut for breakfast, a plate of nachos for brunch and a tex-mex burger with potato salad for a mid-afternoon snack. Let’s just say, I didn’t feel so hot about eating all that and I ended up running 3 miles after we got home.

The run made me feel great, but of course it made me hungry. So what did I decide to do? Go grocery shopping. I’m wicked smaht. Grocery shopping resulted in buying the fixings for a vegan cheese platter (pictured above). The cheese came from Treeline Cheese. The plate was SOOOO good.

I wanted to pair the plate with a saison, as I thought a nice peppery/spicy beer would go well with the cheese. The only thing I had on hand close to this genre, was this Pretty Things Grampus Hoppy Golden Double Mash…a 10.5% ABV American Strong Ale. Close enough.

I have to admit, pinning this beer’s flavors down is proving to be difficult for me this evening. It’s got a super sweet backbone, which reminds me of honey. On the tail-end you got whacked with some hops, although I still think it stays on the sweet side of the dial overall. I’m not in love with it, but I don’t dislike it. On a final note, it’s got a KILLER head that survived about 30 minutes in the glass!


Pretty Things Grampus Hoppy Golden Double Mash

Author: Joshua Dion

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