Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter

Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter

This morning I booked my flight and hotel to Washington DC in October. I’m visiting Silvio, returning his favor of visiting me this past March. I’m super stoked to make the trip. In addition
to unholy amounts of beer, we’ll be partaking in a 10-mile race…the longest race I will have ever run.

In preparation, this afternoon I started my training, hitting the pavement to the tune of 7.5 miles in about 60 minutes. I was cranking at the 5 mile turn, and was considering going for broke and doing a full 10, however by 6 miles, my body was telling me to fuck off. I was very happy with my pace and distance, and have no doubts I’ll get to 10 miles.

After burning over 900 calories, I figured I’ve earned a beer or two, so I’m headed to the bar to watch the Bruins. Fear not, I reviewed a beer yesterday in anticipation of being busy tonight. The beer was Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter.

In short, this beer was really weird for me. It’s an Imperial IPA, and no doubt tasted like one. I didn’t find it massively over hopped, or over malted; it was, in fact, fairly well balanced for the style. For hops, I couldn’t for the life of me put my finger on what I was tasting. There was some solid citrus notes, mixed in with something I couldn’t place…perhaps earthy flavors. What really messed me up was this tinge of strangeness in the background of every sip – the kind of flavor that you keep thinking “I swear I should know what that is I’m tasting, but what the hell is it?” Near the end of the bottle, I figured it out: skunk. Very strange since my bottle is brand new.

Overall, not my favorite beer from Rising Tide. If you’re looking for a bad-ass delicious hoppy beer from them, I recommend Zephyr; it’s unreal.


Author: Joshua Dion

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