Shipyard Longfellow

Shipyard Longfellow

Another Monday has come and gone. By God, the days and weeks fly by so fast now. In a true testament to how fast time flies, tomorrow I am finishing the tattoo that got started 5 months ago. I’m stoked to have it finished, but I’ll definitely be sad that the process is over. Call me crazy, but getting stabbed with needles is insanely addictive.

On Friday I mentioned that I hung out with friends Sean and Kerry. What I didn’t mention was that they gave me some birthday beer! Back in February they made a trip to Portland, ME and Sean diligently picked out a handful of beer that has never been reviewed here. Over the next few days I’m going to make sure I drink these up and tell you about them.

Tonight I went with Shipyard Longfellow, a 5.8% ABV English Porter (although the label will tell you it’s a “winter ale”). I can summarize this beer with the following story…

As I was writing the above intro, my wife asked me how the beer was. My reply? “I don’t know, I was writing my intro and wasn’t thinking about it.” Nevertheless, half the bottle was gone before I dedicated brain cells to analyzing the beer. In other words, the beer is very drinkable, but also very mild, which I would expect from an English style beer.

For flavors, I get a watered down roasted malt character, mixed with light coffee and a caramel backbone. For me, it’s not a bad thing that it’s a “mild” and “watered down”, as it means it goes down easy and isn’t harsh or intimidating. This would be a great beer for a newbie craft beer drinker to start with, and is a nice relaxing beer for even a sophisticated palette.


Author: Joshua Dion

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