Beer Works Redeemer

Beer Works Redeemer

Yesterday I registered for the Army Ten Miler race that takes place in Washington DC in October. To celebrate, I went out after work and ran 10 miles for the first time! My pace was close to an even eight minutes per mile, for a total time of 1:20. Not too shabby! Of course, I woke up this morning in agony; my hips, knees and feet were screaming. After limping around work all day I’m feeling a bit better and shortly off for weekly trivia at the local pub.

Before I go I wanted to knock off a beer review. The beer in glass is Beer Works Redeemer. I haven’t had this style (American Red) in some time. My summer resolution is to drink fewer IPAs and get back into some styles I’ve been neglecting.

The Redeemer is a labeled as an Imperial Red, and its imperialishness plays out in the strong earthy hops flavors. There is some malt flavor present, coming through as a graininess. Overall it’s a bit intense for me, as earthy hops aren’t usually my thing. I will say that it’s smooth and despite some harsh bitterness, goes down quick. 8.2% ABV.


Author: Joshua Dion

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