Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA

Great Lakes Chillwave bottle

I’ve embarked upon three weeks of epic awesomeness, and I honestly can’t contain all my¬†happee right now. Today I played a softball double header, hitting two home runs in the process, followed by another game tomorrow, then a week in The Netherlands¬†on business, four days back in D.C. (with another softball game), and then a week in Seattle with one of my best buddies. Whee!

Tonight I’m laying low at home and packing for my trip, but between laundry and packing, I’m cracking open Great Lakes’ Chillwave Double IPA. I’m a huge fan of this brewery, and have reviewed a ton of their beers, so I’m very psyched to try a new brew from them. Chillwave is named after the (maybe crazy) surfers who ply the waves on the Great Lakes, even when it’s below freezing.

As the label says, this brew is like surfing in winter – not for the faint of heart! I’d definitely agree, as the 9.4%ABV is nothing to scoff at, but while Chillwave may not be for the faint of heart it’s definitely for those who love great double IPAs.

Great Lakes Chillwave bottle and glass

The brew pours out a dark and slightly cloudy copper color, and the aroma is dominated by honey malts mixed with hoppy goodness and hints of citrus. The first sip is an interesting mix of bitter pine hops and more of those citrus notes from the aroma, with a touch of fruit thrown in for good measure. Through the middle, Chillwave gets really sweet, like a mix of honey and caramel malts before ending on a smooth but stanky hop note.

There’s a lot of mouthfeel here, and the end note lingers for a while. But seriously, this is a great great hoppy punch. If you’re not into IPAs you may not like this brew, but if you love IPAs you’re going to lose your mind over how good this tastes. You may not be able to crush a bunch of these in a row, but definitely pick them up if you see them in the store!

Author: Silvio

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