New Holland White Hatter

New Holland Mad Hatter bottle

Hey, remember when I made that New Year’s resolution to post a beer review every weekend in 2014? Yeah, that worked out well. Last weekend I was at a wedding in West Virginia, and between long hikes, wedding festivities, and drinking lots of local beers (I may or may not have done a keg stand, for twice as long as anyone else), I missed last week’s review.

Bully on that, I’m back on the horse today, after taking a long-overdue beer run this morning. I picked up a mixed six, including a few Dogfish Head Aprihop IPA, but today I’m reviewing New Holland’s White Hatter Belgian-style white pale ale. I’m always a sucker for cool-looking labels, and anytime the Mad Hatter’s involved, I’m in.

New Holland Mad Hatter glass and bottle

This brew pours our a super-cloudy almost orange color, with a decent foam head and a ton of suspended sediment floating through the glass. The aroma is awesome, with tons of citrus and spice.

If the aroma was awesome, the taste is amazing. This brew is really complex, with lots of different flavors vying for attention, but it all works really well together. The first taste is full of sweet hops, almost with honey notes. Citrus dominates the middle, full of orange peel, but with a sweet fruity backbone the whole time, before ending on a spicy and smooth end note. It’s a bit hard to say what the dominant final flavor is, but I’d say coriander.

All in all, this is an excellent brew. It’s pretty much ideal for summertime cookouts, watching baseball games, sitting by the pool, or really anything outside. I’m definitely planning on picking it up again, and highly recommend you do the same.

New Holland Mad Hatter label
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