Newburyport Pale Ale

Newburyport Pale Ale

Tonight is my last night as a bachelor; the wife’s return flight from Los Angeles lands in a couple of hours. I have to say, it’s been BORING while she has been gone. I had all kinds of grand designs to go out at night and do things that she’s not into. Then I realized…there aren’t a lot of things that she doesn’t like to do. I did have a pretty fantastic weekend, between playing 18 holes on Saturday and then spending the day at the casino Sunday.

One thing that I missed, was Melissa’s wacky sense of humor. For instance, see the photos below. A week before she left, she went to the craft store, picked up a bag of googly-eyes, and glued them to shit all over the house. Food, appliances, beverage containers…many things have eyes in our house. And why? Because she got the urge to.

Alright, alright…far too much talking about the S.O. Let’s get to the beer.

Coming on the heels of reviewing other beers from this brewery, I’m trying out Newburyport Pale Ale. As a refresher, I was not a fan of the IPA, but thoroughly enjoyed the Belgian white.

The pale ale falls somewhere in the middle. It’s not knocking my socks off, but on the other hand, it’s not bad at all. It packs decent citrus hops, followed by some malty and honey-like sweetness. Fairly low carbonation makes it smooth going down, and I’m finding that I’m actually chugging the thing. It sways over onto the bitter side, so if you like your pale ales more balanced, this might not be a great fit.


This toaster oven is checking you out!
This toaster oven is checking you out!
Mr. Keureg's happy face
Mr. Keureg’s happy face
Don't drink meeeeeeee!
Don’t drink meeeeeeee!

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