Newburyport Plum Island Belgian White

Newburyport Plum Island Belgian White

Day 1 of being a temporary bachelor. I haven’t had any cold cereal yet, and I’m not in my boxers…yet. Today I dropped Melissa off at the airport before the sun came up and got to work earlier than usual. After work, I hit the driving range. Can someone tell me why at the range I’m cranking nice straight shots, but when I’m hitting in front of my instructor, I’m shanking everything? I hate you golf. P.S. Just kidding, I love you.

Tonight there’s a huge game-7 Bruins playoff game, however we are still a couple hours from puck-drop. Since the sun is still blazing and it’s nearly 80 out, I decided to try out this Newburyport Plum Island Belgian White.

I’m going to keep the review simple. Buy this beer; it is stupid-good. It’s a very light witbeer, 5.4% ABV, and packs a ton of wheaty flavor, quickly followed up by a heavy mix of lemon and spicy coriander. It’s not particularly unique, but it’s damn good! I sucked the whole can down before I got half way through typing this up.


Author: Joshua Dion

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