Boston Beer Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

Boston Beer Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

I’m coming up on a 3-day weekend trip to Provincetown, MA and I have to tell you: I need it. As much as I love work, I have been cranking for a long time without a vacation. Although this is barely a vacation and can’t rival my epic trips to the Caribbean in the past couple of years, I’ll take it.

Tonight I’m shuffling off to our regular Wednesday night trivia. Two weeks ago we placed third and last week we placed second. Maybe this week we’ll improve to first? Before I take off, I’m throwing you a review of Boston Beer Samuel Adams Porch Rocker. If you’ve been keeping up over the last month, you know that I’ve found out where I once disliked the style, I now really enjoy the radler/shandy.

The only other beers I’ve had in this style are the Amstel, Narragansett (unreviewed) and Stiegl (in the fridge, reviewing soon). Surprisingly, each of these taste distinctively different.

The Sammy Porch Rocker has more beer flavor to it than the others I’ve tried. As it warmed up, lemon flavors intensified. I like it, although probably not as much as I like the Stiegl and the Amstel, which were much more subtle flavors all around. Yes…I just said I liked a version of Amstel better than a craft beer; you may pick your jaw up off the floor.


Author: Joshua Dion

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