Citizen Cider Stan Up

Citizen Cider Stan Up

Tonight I had all kinds of plans to be productive. I was going to clean a bunch of stuff that is in dire need, such as the bathroom vent that’s caked with dust and the recycling bin that’s got a science project growing in the bottom of it. Instead, I started feeling like garbage just before leaving work and I ended up on the couch. I was so lazy that I couldn’t even get off my ass to drink a beer! Instead, I agreed to take dictation from Melissa as she drank a cider…

Her beverage selection was Citizen Cider Stan Up, which she picked up this past weekend in Vermont. Stan Up is made using apples from Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, VT.

First off, she tells me that it has the appearance of champagne because of the color and high carbonation and added that there was not much aroma to it. I agree with her on both accounts.

She says it’s “light with a slightly tart flavor, which ends with a sweet aftertaste”, noting that the aftertaste dissipates quickly. When I asked if it was dry or sweet, she said it was “more dry than sweet.”

Melissa liked this one a lot and would definitely have it again.

Sincerely, your scribe for the evening,


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