Far From the Tree Sprig

Far From the Tree Sprig

Tonight Josh has a late work meeting so I have to entertain myself. I’ve decided to relax by drinking a cider and reading. I’m a huge reader. If you are too you should join me on Goodreads. I love that site. The cider I chose is a bottle of Sprig from Far From the Tree.

Sprig pours a very pale color and has lots of carbonation. It smells like hops, almost citrusy. But, lucky for me, it doesn’t taste hoppy. There is a lovely light mint flavor, no apple flavor at all. This cider is not sweet but dry. It has a delicate, pleasant after taste. It’s a nice change of pace for the sweet ciders that I usually drink. In fact, this is the cider you should try if you are a beer drinker who doesn’t like cider.


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