Harpoon Citra Victorious

Harpoon Citra Victorious

Today was a crazy long day at work. We’re dogless at the moment (he’s on doggy vacay), meaning my morning routine was cut from 60 minutes down to 15 minutes. Thus, I got to work very early. Coupling that with working much later than usual, and I was beat! Nevertheless, Melissa energized me when I got home and we went for a short (5 mile) run.

After showering up and scarfing some pizza, I’m sitting down with a bottle of Harpoon Citra Victorious. Now, before all you beer nazis call me out, I’ll confess…the bottle is ~4 weeks old. But you know what? I really like how mellow the hops are, so perhaps a little time in the bottle helped with that!

The bottle claims this is a “sessionable pale ale” that has a “unique citrus character”. Depending on your definition of sessionable, you might disagree; this beer is 5.8% ABV, but I will say it goes down quick. I love how malt-forward it is…fantastically balanced. The hops are indeed citrusy, but quite mild. Too bad this is a small batch…I could drink this stuff regularly!


Author: Joshua Dion

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