Slumbrew Lobstah Killah

Slumbrew Lobstah Killah

Hello again folks. It’s been a little while since I last posted. In part, it was because I was away for the weekend. More realistically, it’s because I have been really lazy and uninspired. Tonight I’m also lazy and uninspired, but I’m at least trying…

The other day I tried a bottle of Slumbrew Lobstah Killah, an Irish Red ale from the Sommerville brewery. I remember REALLY liking the beer and that it had a distinct caramel backbone, and some solid hops mixed in. I plowed through the bomber taking a bunch of notes. Today, my dog ATE said notes. I’m totally not kidding…the bastard ate the paper that had my beer notes on it. Thus, you get this half-ass beer review.

In summary, try Slumbrew Lobstah Killah (it’s fantastic) and keep your beer notes out of the reach of your dog.


Author: Joshua Dion

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