Big Boss War Hawk

Big Boss Warhawk

If you had told me five years ago that writing about beer would be stressful and time consuming, I would have laughed at you. At the time, Lost in the Beer Aisle was barely a hobby. Fast forward to this week, where I’d be pulling my hair out if I had any. I’ve recapped a visit and private tour of Offshore Ale Company, am wrapping up my Eastern Massachusetts column for Yankee Brew News, and just finished writing ANOTHER column for YBN. Last week my editor at the paper emailed me asking if I could make a fill in last minute to write the Ale House column. And by last minute, I mean they wanted the piece done by the end of last week! I agreed to author it, but got them to agree to bumping the deadline out to this week. Thus, tonight I spent some time at Brew City in Worcester, interviewing the general manager Jen Wright. I then rushed back home and banged out the article.

This was all after a 10+ hour day at work. However, I haven’t had a beer in more than two days and I’m ready to get back at it with a bottle of Big Boss War Hawk, which came to me from North Carolina courtesy a birthday gift from Mom.

The Wark Hawk poured with a ridiculous head, which was a borderline “gusher”. It is an American Pale ale, although frankly it feels more like an IPA due to how hoppy it is. From first smell, there is no doubt that this sucker is packed with the green goodness. For flavors, this brew is all about citrus and flowers. There is a biscuity malt in the background, however I would say it’s muted by the significant hops.

It’s decent. If I saw it on tap, I’d consider getting it again. If you like very hoppy pale ales, I’d recommend you try it.


P.S. I don’t know why the beer is named War Hawk, but I can tell you the War Hawk was a bad-ass looking World War 2 plane…not the best plane in the war, but it sure was intimidating! Fun fact: my next tattoo may include the P-40.

World War 2 P-40 Warhawk Fighter Plane
World War 2 P-40 Warhawk Fighter Plane

Author: Joshua Dion

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