Green Man IPA

Green Man IPA

Tonight I’m sitting down and watching Lone Survivor. If you haven’t seen it, it’s very well made, but damn…it’s a gut wrencher. It’s based on a story of American soldiers in Afghanistan and it’s called Lone Survivor for a reason. Watching this only further confirms what I already knew: I’m so grateful to those who are brave enough to fight for our military, because I absolutely couldn’t do it!

Tonight I’m continuing my recap of brews I tried late last week with my buddy Greg. Green Man IPA is up next. Once again, this is a North Carolina beer, so don’t go looking for it in New England.

As we sat down to drink, I realized I had tried this one before on one of my trips to Raleigh last year. I couldn’t remember a thing about it, which was a bad sign. As we started in, Greg was not a fan. He thought it has a soapy taste. I thought it was astringent at first, but more malty and tolerable as it warmed up. With the vast number of American IPAs out there, I probably wouldn’t get this one again again.


Author: Joshua Dion

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