Long Trail Saison

Long Trail Saison

I make a point of not talking about work in detail here, but let me just say: today’s was a WHACKY day. I went from having a very light schedule planned to a complete shit-show of unexpectedness. After this madness, I came home hoping to bang-out a run. Sadly, last week Melissa and hit up a trampoline park and I jacked my back all to hell. Fast forward to this evening, and I made it all of 200 yards before I tapped out. Stupid injuries. Stupid age.

To soothe my sore back, I’m medicating with a Long Trail Saison. This is a 7.1% brew that’s from Long Trail’s Brush & Barrel series. In recent history, I’ve been fairly uninterested in saisons; the typical peppery/spicy flavors just didn’t jive with me. Tonight is a different story, and I’m kind of digging this brew. As far as saisons go, it isn’t particularly unique. In fact, it’s spot-on for the style, albeit lighter in the pepper flavors. Rather than overwhelming pepper, I get some distinct citrus (lemon).

Decent stuff from this Vermont brewery.


Author: Joshua Dion

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