Notch Hootenanny

Notch Hootenanny

Earlier this week I got a fun surprise. Someone had stolen my credit card information and started a brief shopping spree, including some makeup and $300 purchase at a travel agent’s office in Madrid Spain. Thankfully, American Express was all over that shit and I had an email alert in my inbox less than an hour after the first charge. And I have to tell you, the automated phone system that Amex uses for the fraud stuff is THE BALLS. When I called the 800 number and it immediately asked for my credit card number, which it took verbally. Next, it knew that there was suspicious activity and asked if I wanted a text message sent to my phone with details. The text message that was sent contained a link and the automated system automatically put me on hold until it detected that I had clicked the link, whereupon it very quickly walked me through what I was seeing on the screen (a website with a list of the transactions under question). The automated teller also IMMEDIATELY detected when I clicked the button on the website that said “these are fraud”, and it instantly forwarded me to a real person, who verified who I was and got the charges reversed. The entire process might have taken 5 minutes. Pretty much the best experience ever! Thank you American Express and your bad-ass technology.

Also filed under the “awesome” category is this Notch Hootenanny I’m reviewing tonight. This is a Berliner Weisse style beer with an ABV of 3.3%. As you may know, Notch only brews session beer. I really must ask WHY…why did it take so long for one of the industry leaders in session beer to brew the original session beer (a Berliner)? In any event, better late than never, and it was frankly worth the wait. This is a perfectly done beer for the style. Lots of citrus and tons of tart (but not too much). It’s the kind of brew you can drink a ton of and not worry about curdling your stomach with sourness. All my thumbs up on this one!


Author: Joshua Dion

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