Offshore Ale Hop Goddess

Offshore Ale Hop Goddess

Is it bad that I honestly can’t remember when the last time I posted was? I’m fairly sure it was sometime late last week; time all blends together.

Over the weekend I was in Mystic Connecticut with my in-laws. Confession time: I had low expectations, as there is very little to do in Mystic. Turned out that we had a really good time. We did some shopping in the small downtown area, went to the seaport, had some great food and of course threw back some drinks. The seaport was WAY more interesting than I expected it to be. It is set up like kind of like Colonial Williamsburg, but for shipping, and in New England. There are many buildings that have been preserved and you can visit shops from the 1800’s and learn about the era. There are also tall ships that you can board and check out. If you’re from New England, I’d recommend it for a day trip.

After working a 12 hour shift today, I’m settling in at home with a bottle of , which I picked up in Martha’s Vineyard.

The beer is a Belgian IPA and is one of my favorite beers from this brewery thus far. It has what I consider to be a perfect mix of Belgian and IPA, very well balanced. On the nose I get a bunch of spice, followed by just a hint of dark fruit (e.g. raisin). None of said dark fruit comes through in the flavor. Rather, I get an initial shot of malty sweetness, followed by solid spice and ending in an steadily increasing aftertaste of hops, which are mostly citrusy. For me, it’s a yummy rollercoaster in my mouth. Bravo!


Author: Joshua Dion

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