Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA

Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA

Random fact: this is post #1500 on LIBA. I should celebrate with a beer, but unfortunately I’m heavily medicated. Earlier today I finally went to the doctor to see about my back, which has been freaking out for the last two weeks. The prognosis: my back sucks. They gave me muscle relaxers and heavy duty pain meds and sent me on my way. If I’m still in pain in a week, I’m supposed to get an MRI.

Although I’m forbidden from drinking alcohol while jacked-up on these relaxers, I’m pulling out a review I wrote down last week: Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA. I had this brew while our friend and Ecolissa model, Michelle. The beer came from my mom, who picked it up in New Jersey. Note: you can’t find this beer in New England.

I like the uniqueness of the idea behind this beer; I’ve never see a chocolate IPA. I was expecting it to be nothing more than a novelty beer, but I was happily surprised to find that this is not so. Michelle picked up coffee flavors, while I was able to distinctly pick up orange and a hint of dark fruit. Chocolate was muted and only detectable in the aftertaste. Both of us thought it was a decent beer.


Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA

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