Thomas Creek Up the Creek

Thomas Creek Up the Creek

It’s confession time: I’m trying to cut back on my beer intake. Taking a step back recently I realized that I owe my liver a favor and probably shouldn’t be pounding back so many. Let me put it in context…

Most nights I was drinking at least one beer, sometimes two. The first would usually be a post-work can of session brew, followed by the “review beer”, which frequently was bomber-sized. Then there is trivia on Wednesdays, where I skip the aforementioned session and the review for two or three 22-ounce mugs at the bar. Fast forward to the weekend and Friday/Saturday have more often led to more than a couple drinks each evening. Add that all up and if my lousy math is correct, I was looking at somewhere between 12 – 18 beers a week. Now, I don’t have a specific goal in terms of number of beers, but I do know I want to drink on fewer nights and consider not finishing every single review beer (I know, *gasp*).

Thus, I haven’t had a drop to drink since Sunday. I’ve been lucky during this time to rely on the reviews Greg and I did last week.

Today I’m recapping the Thomas Creek Up the Creek we tried. Thomas Creek is out of Greenville, SC. This beer is labeled as an “Extreme IPA”, however, a word of warning: don’t go into this one thinking you’re going to get a hop-bomb. It tastes nothing like an imperial IPA, but rather a barleywine. It’s full of boozy dark fruit flavors including plum, grape, raisin and the like. I get virtually no hop bittering…all malt. It’s 12.5% ABV is also reminiscent of barley wine.

Greg wasn’t a fan. I liked it, but wish it was labeled for what it is!


Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Thomas Creek Up the Creek”

  1. Does the bottle have a bottled on / best before date on it? If an IPA sits too long, it can get like that, especially imperial IPAs. The hop character faded out and the malt becomes more prominent. Compare a fresh bottle of Dogfish Head 90 min versus one 6 months old for a great side be side demo of this.

    1. Jay:

      That crossed my mind, as my mother purchased it a couple of months ago. Bottle is now long gone, so I have no idea if it had a date listed…


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