Thomas Creek Up the Creek

Thomas Creek Up the Creek

It’s confession time: I’m trying to cut back on my beer intake. Taking a step back recently I realized that I owe my liver a favor and probably shouldn’t be pounding back so many. Let me put it in context…

Most nights I was drinking at least one beer, sometimes two. The first would usually be a post-work can of session brew, followed by the “review beer”, which frequently was bomber-sized. Then there is trivia on Wednesdays, where I skip the aforementioned session and the review for two or three 22-ounce mugs at the bar. Fast forward to the weekend and Friday/Saturday have more often led to more than a couple drinks each evening. Add that all up and if my lousy math is correct, I was looking at somewhere between 12 – 18 beers a week. Now, I don’t have a specific goal in terms of number of beers, but I do know I want to drink on fewer nights and consider not finishing every single review beer (I know, *gasp*).

Thus, I haven’t had a drop to drink since Sunday. I’ve been lucky during this time to rely on the reviews Greg and I did last week.

Today I’m recapping the Thomas Creek Up the Creek we tried. Thomas Creek is out of Greenville, SC. This beer is labeled as an “Extreme IPA”, however, a word of warning: don’t go into this one thinking you’re going to get a hop-bomb. It tastes nothing like an imperial IPA, but rather a barleywine. It’s full of boozy dark fruit flavors including plum, grape, raisin and the like. I get virtually no hop bittering…all malt. It’s 12.5% ABV is also reminiscent of barley wine.

Greg wasn’t a fan. I liked it, but wish it was labeled for what it is!


Author: Joshua Dion

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