Yards Chocolate Love Stout

Yards Chocolate Love Stout

I am coming to the conclusion that I was English in a former life. And no, I don’t mean I’ve come to love soccer or have an affinity for overcast weather. Rather, over and over I’m running into English style beers that I fall in love with. As a result of this revelation, I’m dying to go to Great Brittan and go beer-frolicking.

Yards Chocolate Love Stout is another case supporting my English reincarnation theory. Upon first sip, I was head over heels for this 6.9% ABV English Stout. It’s madly chocolatey, with strong notes of cacao nibs as well as vanilla beans. I can list a number of other reasons this beer rocks:

  • It poured with a fantastic head.
  • It is super drinkable and didn’t get me smashed, despite polishing off a 750ml bottle.
  • The bottle finishes just as delicious (and possibly more so) as when I first opened it; terrific stone cold or room temperature.
  • Melissa even liked this beer, saying that it was possibly her 2nd “favorite” beer ever. Favorite being relative for a woman who dislikes beer.

As a final note, our own Silvio has reviewed a bunch of Yards Brewery beer. This is my first time having something from them, as this is brewed out of Philadelphia and isn’t available in New England. I would like to pause for a moment to brag that Silvio has not reviewed this one. Suck it Silvio! (Just kidding bud, xoxo)


Yards Chocolate Love Stout

Author: Joshua Dion

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