21st Amendment Hop Crisis

21st Amendment Hop Crisis can

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this year, especially since summer began, but I’m really looking forward to September. I’ll be visiting Los Angeles for my fantasy football league and New Orleans for a work conference, but I’m most looking forward to a week in San Francisco at the end of the month to visit a bunch of friends.

Since I’m thinking about the Bay Area, it seemed fitting to crack open a beer from 21st Amendment, one of San Francisco’s best craft breweries. I’ve reviewed a ton of brews from them and consider their Brew Free or Die IPA my favorite all-around IPA, so when I saw Hop Crisis on the shelf, my little heart leaped.

21st Amendment Hop Crisis can and glass

Hop Crisis pours out a crystal clear and somewhat light amber color, more resembling a pilsner than anything else. While the foam crown caught my eye on the pour, the aroma is a perfect mix of sweet malts and flowery hops.

Even though the name suggests this brew would be light on the hops, it’s the complete opposite. My first sip was pretty much a hoppy punch in the mouth. I didn’t get a lot of the flowery aroma through the front or middle, but it’s pretty stanky and definitely bitter. Toward the end, this brew balances out with the sweet malts from the aroma, and the mouthfeel is pretty thin.

Overall, this is a pretty darn good imperial IPA, and it’s got the 9.7% ABV chops to prove it. I’m not sure it’s the right fit for a casual IPA drinker, but if you’re a hop head, it’ll be perfect. Oh, and props as always to 21st Amendment for some cool can artwork!

21st Amendment Hop Crisis can art

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