Backlash Comeback and Stone Collective Distortion

Backlash Comeback

Tonight we visited our sick kitty in the hospital. He continues to improve significantly every day and my wife and I are super hopeful that he’ll have a great recovery and live for many years to come. Such an outcome isn’t guaranteed, but we have to keep thinking positively. I have to admit, we have thrown a lot of money at saving this cat. I won’t get into specifics, but imagine a maximum amount that you would spend on a vet visit, and then add 30% to that number…that’s where we are at. We are super blessed to have the money in savings to cover this. It really saddens me that many people don’t have this luxury, and due to cost, often have to resort to putting their pets to sleep. Our poor sick kitty has consumed our lives for the last 5 days, so you can be sure you will hear all about it when he finally comes home!

Tonight I’m posting two reviews that have one thing in common: I disliked both brews, and each went down the drain!

Backlash Comeback is labeled a “hopped up Belgian-style abbey ale”. I picked up slight black pepper, but what really messed with me, is that it had a distinct flavor of feet. It’s 10% ABV was obvious, as the body was quite heavy and it came across as a sweet honey flavor. The tail end finished with a very strong hop bitterness, which gave a strange finish to an all around strange beer.

Excuse: I ate dinner with a heavy portion of onions while trying this beer. Perhaps the pairing was poor.

Stone Collective Distortion

Stone Collective Distortion is an Imperial IPA with 9.3% ABV. It’s brewed with elderberries and coriander, which drew me to it (I love elderberry). For this brew, I got virtually no elderberry flavor. The coriander definitely came through and mixed with a distinct dark fruit flavor. It was accented by a sharp, hop bitterness that one might expect from a Stone beer. The mix of flavors was not good for me.

Excuse: This beer is supposed to be drank fresh. My bottle was fresh in May, which was three months ago. Perhaps it sat too long on the store shelf before I bought it.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.