Founders Double Trouble

Founders Double Trouble IPA

Today’s an overcast and drizzly Saturday, and in a change of pace from the past two weekends, I’m just lazily chilling out at home. Biked to the farmer’s market, did some yoga, and started my fantasy football draft prep – all in all, a great day so far.

But now with so much accomplished, it’s time to reward myself with a nice review beer…and of course share my thoughts with LIBA Nation! I’m cracking open Founders Double Trouble, an imperial IPA with a big-boy 9.4% ABV. Good thing I don’t have to be anywhere soon, I guess.

Founders Double Trouble pour

The pour is pretty standard, golden straw-yellow color with a bit of white foamy crown, which leaves a nice lacing on my pint glass. I get faint but consistent hoppiness on the aroma, definitely of the stanky West Coast variety.

Tastewise, as Founders’ says, the “hops will get you coming and going.” Double Trouble is definitely a hop-head’s beer, full of piney and bitter hops on the front. Through the middle I got a respite from the hops with a bit of citrus, but Double Trouble smacks you in the mouth with a bitter, copper dank hoppy ending. Seriously, hops dominate this brew and the mouthfeel sticks around forever.

Stanky and bitter hops are among my favorite attributes for a beer, so this one’s up my alley. However, I don’t think I’d stick to Double Trouble all night, and I don’t think this is for the casual beer drinker or someone who’s on the fence when it comes to hops.

Author: Silvio

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