Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale and Capital Dark Voyage

Capital Brewery Dark Voyage

On Wednesday evenings we play trivia at a local pub with some friends. We have gotten fairly good, usually placing in the top three. Last night was not the case; we had probably the worse evening since we started many months ago. I suppose you can’t win them all.

As we come up on the long holiday weekend, I’m really looking forward to it. On Friday, I’ll be working a half day and then heading to Plymouth to visit the folks at Mayflower Brewing Co. After that, I shoot into Boston to attend the Massachusetts Brewer’s Fest. On Saturday, we are getting together with friends Greg and Heather. Sunday is a lazy day, and on Monday we hang out with friends Sean and Kerry.

Tonight I’m watching the last preseason game for the Patriots. I can’t believe it’s almost September and regular season football time. Stupid fall. I’m pairing my seasonal displeasure with two beers from my recent trip to Chicago: Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale and Capital Dark Voyage.

Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale is absolutely fantastic! It’s light and refreshing, making it a great summer option. Lemon flavor totally dominates, but is enjoyable rather than overly tart or sweet. This brew reminds me A LOT of a shandy, even though it isn’t. Highly recommended.

Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale

Capital Dark Voyage is a black IPA style beer. I love this style, but haven’t had one in quite some time. This style is a fun one to review because I find they fall into three easily distinguishable categories: 1. More IPA than black 2. More black than IPA 3. Somewhere in the middle.

This beer falls somewhere between 1 and 2, leaning into the hoppy side of things. I will say it still had a decent dark malt backbone. It wasn’t my favorite black IPA ever, but it was probably top 10. Very solid beer.


Author: Joshua Dion

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