Zoll Cellars Hard Cider and Dark Horse Smells Like a Safety Meeting

Our cur baby Gunnar.  Note: completely healthy in this photo, although it appears otherwise. :)
Our fur baby Gunnar. Note: completely healthy in this photo, although it appears otherwise. :)

This weekend we have been on a bit of a rollercoaster with our cat Gunnar. This past week he wasn’t eating quite right, which was incredibly strange given that he usually eats until he’s bloated. By Thursday, it was clear he was VERY sick and we rushed him to the ER at midnight. Since then, he’s been in the hospital as they deal with renal failure. In layman’s terms: his kidneys are freaking out. Only today, three days after being admitted, his kidney values are improving. He will be in the hospital two more days as they try to normalize his kidneys. After that…well, stay tuned to the blog.

I’m woefully behind on beer reviews, which amounts to a stack of scrap paper covered with scribbled notes. Over the next couple of days I’m going to play catchup. Don’t be surprised if you see more than one beer reviewed.

Zoll Cellars Hard Cider

Zoll Cellar’s Hard Cider is the most tardy review, having drank it nearly two weeks ago. This cider comes from a winery in Shrewsbury, MA. Shrewsbury is the next town over from where I live, so I was surprised that neither Melissa nor I had tried this before. There was a reason….boring and bland. Very few notes on this one, attesting to it’s “meh”ness, which was echoed for everyone who tried it that evening.

Dark Horse Smells Like a Safefty Meeting

Dark Horse Smells Like a Safety Meeting is an American IPA. I’ll keep this review short as well: hoppy, piney, astringent, over-hopped, unbalanced, too intense. Hop heads: maybe you should give this a go. Everyone else: steer clear.


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