Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl

Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl

Tonight is poker night in the Lost household. This has amounted to good times with good friends, but shitty cards as far as my game went. I was out of the first game relatively quickly and out of the second game VERY quickly. Uncharacteristic of my kind of slow playing, but whatever. My losses mean I can move on to beer.

The brew of choice is Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl. The other day I was wondering the aisles (lost perhaps?) of Julio’s Liquors, looking for a pumpkin ale that I hadn’t tried before. I wasn’t expecting to find anything, but was psyched to run into this brew.

The Pinchy Jeek Barl is a bourbon barrel aged pumpkin, with an ABV of 8.5%. It smells heavily of bourbon and spice. Same thing in the taste. In fact, it’s MOSTLY bourbon! Given how much I love bourbon, I’m a big fan of this beer. Unique as far as pumpkin ales go, and all around yummy.


Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl

Author: Joshua Dion

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